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How much does painting a room cost?

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Now this is a good question! We often get phone calls where people ask us how much it will cost to paint their bedroom or living room. When we price a room for decorating we look at the following factors:

  1. Room Size & Scope – How big is the room and what does the client want painting? If you would like the walls, ceiling skirting board and doors painted, this will cost more than just the walls.
  2. Existing Condition – Is there a lot of filling and sanding down required? The more preparation there is, the more work it will take to get your room to a good standard.

As a guideline though for most properties in the Bicester area, for a full redecoration of a 3x4m room including preparation, ceiling, walls and all woodwork, you can expect to pay between £240 and £300. If you would like a detailed estimate, please contact us!

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