Bicester Town Council’s brief to us was to replace the flooring in the band stand which we had painted the year before. The flooring, due to its age and vandalism was becoming unsafe and therefore needed to be replaced. The band stand in Garth Park is used throughout the summer for weddings and other events and is an icon of the park and town.

The Council sourced the timber (solid oak) from a timber merchants and we began to pull up the old flooring. Due to years of weathering, there were a few of the large supporting timbers underneath that needed replacing. We cut these out where required and replaced them with treated timber. We also added a layer or waterproofing damp proof course on all supporting timbers so that standing water would not rot them in the years to come.

Once, the supporting timbers were all replaced and made good, we started laying the floor. It’s now a solid oak tongue and groove floor. There is a 10mm minimum gap all around the area to allow for expansion. This was a particularly tricky floor to lay due to the round columns on the bandstand throwing up some difficult cuts in the flooring.

When the the flooring was complete, it was stained using Sadolin Jacobean Walnut. This provides the timber with a lay of protection against the elements and will prolong the life of the timber. This was added to with a second coat and some softwood trim was added all around the edge of the area to cover the expansion gaps. This was also stained.

The Garth Park’s band stand now has a nice shiny new floor for all to enjoy!