Bicester Property Services were tasked with the replacement of the decks of three bridges in Bure Park Nature Reserve in Bicester. Having been in place since 1998, the timber decking boards were beginning to warp and become slippery in certain conditions. Bicester Town Council decided to replace the main deck of the three bridges.

Rather than replace the decks with traditional timber decking, the council, in discussions with ourselves decided to work with a composite decking made from recycled plastic. This material is ideal for a bridge and park environment as it does not rot or corrode and is fully water resistant.

The main timber supports for the bridges were structurally sound owing to a damp proof membrane being placed over them and preventing standing water and rot. We replaced this with a brand new membrane and laid the new decking boards down.

Two of the bridges also required new concrete ramps to be installed at each end as the ground had worn away from both pedestrian and cyclist use creating a hazard. The new concrete ramps allow a gradual incline up to the bridge and make the bridges even safer and more accessible for cyclists, pushchairs and wheelchairs.