Work In Progress On A Swing. Huge difference in the left side and the right after one coat.
As part of Bicester Town Council’s continuing programme to improve the play areas throughout Bicester, we were tasked with refurbishing three key play areas and the project ran from Mid September 2016 to the end of November 2016.

This involved painting and restoring all types of play equipment from climbing frames & slides to swings & balance bars. We were also required to paint bins and benches within the parks.
Bike rails outside Southwold Park. They were worn down entirely (left). A fresh new coat applied and they come up like new. (right)
Using high quality Rustoleum Combicolour industrial grade metal paint, we restored all equipment using both traditional brush and roller technique but mostly used air spray equipment which leaves a near factory finish on metalwork owing to its even coating.

It is essential that all metal work is prepared before applying the paint and all metal work was ‘roughed’ up using sandpaper, wire brushes or scrapers. This leaves a rough surface for the paint to bond to.

In places of heavy activity such as steps and climbing bars, we also applied an adhesive primer to help the paint remain in place for longer.