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What is an EICR? Do I need one? Book One With BPI!

Published on March 6, 2022
By jakeholdsworth

What is an EICR?

An EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) is an ‘MOT’ of the electrics in your house. It is a test that should identify any faults or defects in the property and the electrician creates a report detailing anything that is found and what is recommended to ensure your property complies with BS7671.

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What will an EICR show on the report?

The report will list any faults and categorise them as below.

  • Code 1 (C1): Danger present. Risk of injury. The electrical inspector may make any C1 hazards safe before leaving the property. 
  • Code 2 (C2): Potentially dangerous. Further Investigation (FI) required without delay. 
  • Code 3 (C3): Improvement recommended. Further remedial work is not required for the report to be deemed satisfactory. 

Do I need one?

There is usually a sticker on the front of your consumer unit (fuse board as they were known) that details when it has been inspected.

Homeowners –BS7671 (17th Edition Wiring Regulations) recommend having an EICR carried out at least every 10 years. Your insurance company may require a shorter timescale so it is important to check!

It is also important to have one done if you are moving out or into a new home, if your insurance requires one – or if you suspect your current electrics are old, faulty or have been subject to poor quality additions.

BTL or Rented Homes – Under the ‘Landlord and Tenants Act (1985) landlords must ensure that the electrical installation in a rented property is maintained safely throughout a tenancy. To ensure this, BS7671 recommend an EICR test at change of tenancy or at least every 5 years.

What is tested?

  • Identification of any exposed live wires in the circuits that could cause a fire or injury.
  • The adequacy of the earthing and bonding.
  • Devices for protection against fire and electric shock.
  • Any damage or wear and tear on wiring, fixtures and fittings that might affect the safety of the property.
  • Identification of any damaged electrical fittings and accessories.

How much does an EICR cost?

BPI have a really simple pricing structure for houses with one consumer unit:

1 Bedroom Property – £120+VAT

2 Bedroom Property – £130+VAT

3 Bedroom Property – £160+VAT

4 Bedroom Property – £190+VAT

5 Bedroom Property – £220+VAT

Additional Consumer Unit Within Property – £30+VAT

If you would like any further information about EICRs, please contact us!

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