Trainee Success & Growth

(Pictured: Our two new trainees – Callum & Christian).

We are delighted to announce that we are hiring for a senior position, after a very busy half of the year.

Already, the company has been able to offer two junior positions and career opportunities for those starting out, with its two recent hires. 

Founder Jake Holdsworth is now recruiting for a more senior position to meet the demands and enquiries from customers in Bicester, Oxford, Brackley and the surrounding Oxfordshire areas:

“It’s great to see that people in our local community are requiring our services and supporting our local businesses by choosing us as their provider for property and decorating needs. I think with all of us spending more time at home in lockdown, we’ve wanted to improve and upgrade our interiors, so it’s indirectly been a great time for our company”.

This business growth is unprecedented, given the trying times of covid-19, and Jake is proud to have been able to offer two roles already:

“The job market is very fragile at the minute and local opportunities are very low at the moment, so I think it’s a more important time than ever for school, college and university leavers to consider their future and training opportunities. I want young people to know there are more job opportunities locally beyond Bicester Village in this area! Gaining first-hand experience and developing a range of skills in a trade can really kick-start your career, and I’m delighted to have been able to make that a reality for two local juniors.”

Bicester Property Interiors offers a range of different services, including painting and decorating, flooring, bathroom and kitchen installation, plumbing and heating, and property maintenance. 

The company is now searching for a senior hire to assist with larger projects across multi-trade specialisms, including bathroom fitting and tiling, in line with its recent growth:

Bathroom Installation (Wood & Grey) Heron Drive, Brackley

A bathroom installation by BPI’s bathroom fitters based in Bicester, Oxfordshire, this bathroom refit was completed in July 2020.

The existing bathroom was completely removed and the walls and floor were prepared for tiling. The walls were tiled with a light grey / beige ceramic tile with a rough texture. The floor was tiles with wood effect grained ceramic tiles.

A new shower bath was fitted with drencher and mixer shower. This was then connected to the existing pump within the property to boost the pressure.

A designer towel rail was fitted to complement the brown vanity and wall units. New spotlights and extractor fans were then installed and the room was decorated.

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Rollers painting on wall

Painting and Decorating Colour Scheme Guide [Infographic]

Good interior design begins with a good house colour scheme. If the colours in your house aren’t right for the space then everything else, including the furniture, the fittings, the decorations, will look wrong. However, many people don’t realise how important colour schemes are until it is time to paint their own homes. This is a recipe for head scratching and stress over getting the paint colour combinations exactly right. Bicester Property Interiors has considered issues people may face when painting and redecorating their home and have put together this useful guide to help inspire homeowners looking to refresh their home with colour.

This guide will cover the following questions:

Interior Design: What colour should I paint my room?

How do you decorate with a colour palette?

What colours go together for decorating?

How do I choose a colour scheme?

Room colour combination ideas [infographic] 

Interior Design: What Colour Should I Paint My Room?

Luckily, there are some simple questions you can ask yourself which will help when deciding what colours you should paint a room.

Interior design for different rooms

We use each of our rooms for different purposes — to entertain, to relax, and increasingly to work. What colour scheme you decide on will depend on the room’s function. Relaxing tones such as turquoise might be ideal for your bedroom, whilst yellow will create an uplifting, sunny atmosphere perfect for a kitchen or living space where you will be hosting family and friends.

Consider the room features 

If the room is small with low ceilings, you may want to paint it white or off-white to create the feeling of a bigger space. Alternatively, you might want to make the same space pack a bigger punch using strong colours like orange or red. If you’re lucky enough to have period features like a tiled fireplace, you may want to incorporate that into your interior colour schemes as well.

Use lighter colours in light spaces

Continuing from the last question, it’s important to take account of how much light a room receives during the day. If the room is north facing and does not receive much light, it’s probably not a good idea to paint it in darker colours.

What colours do you like? 

The best place to start is with the colours you like. After all, this is your home. It may sound obvious, but once you start worrying about all the different decorating colour schemes, it’s all too easy to lose sight of what your own tastes are. For example, what colour clothes do you enjoy wearing? A look at your wardrobe will give you a good idea of the types of colours you like, or perhaps the colours you want to avoid.

Finally, it can be helpful to think about the home as a whole. The colours you use for your living room and hallway can inform the colours you use elsewhere in the house, creating an overall house colour scheme for the ideal living environment.

How do you decorate with a colour palette?

It can be a dizzying experience thinking about house painting colour combinations, especially if it’s your first time painting and decorating your home. Even when you know which colours you want to use, how are you supposed to know how much of each colour you should use? For example, will one colour dominate? Do your wall colour combinations go with your ceilings and floors?

Use colour combinations cleverly

One simple technique to tie everything together is to move vertically from dark to light. In the natural world, we tend to experience darker colours under foot (mud, grass) and gradually move to lighter colours above our heads (the sky, clouds), and this is a good model for decorating with a colour palette too. You could achieve this technique using a monochromatic scheme, for example using a deep blue for the walls and a lighter shade of blue for the ceiling and dado rails.

60-30-10 rule

Another simple and fool proof way of deploying paint colour combinations is the 60-30-10 rule

The idea is that 60% of the room should be your main colour. This includes features such as your walls, your sofa, and your floors. If someone took a quick glance at the room, this would be the colour they would remember. 

You would use your secondary colour at 30%. The main purpose of this colour is to create contrast and can be achieved via a feature wall and an armchair. 

Finally, the 10% should provide a bright pop of colour — from picture frames, cushions, a lamp, or candlestick. The easiest way to choose the three colours for the 60-30-10 method is by selecting them from the colour wheel.

What colours go together for decorating?

Like everything people don’t think about the complexity of choosing house painting colour combinations until they actually have to do it themselves. Interior colour schemes are incredibly important in constructing the atmosphere of a place, and unfortunately not every colour goes well together. As much as you might love both purple and red, we don’t recommend you combine the two as colour combinations for walls! But there are some simple tricks insiders use to come up with wonderfully complimentary colours.

As always, let nature be your guide. What colours appear naturally together in the world? For example, yellow and blue are likely to complement one another, like the sun compliments the sky. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, spend some time looking at the colour combinations of the flowers. With their subtle pastel colours, hydrangeas provide perfect inspiration for interior decorating – like pastel blue and pearl. Working in this way will help you avoid overly artificial and jarring interior colour schemes.

Look at art. Do you have a favourite painting? Choose two colours from the composition to work as colour combinations for walls or choose three and employ the 60-30-10 method to design your whole room. It could even be a book cover or movie poster design.

There are two basic categories all colours fall into — warm or cool. If you’re choosing two colours to put together, choosing them from either the warm or the cool camp is a sure way to guarantee they fit together. Experiment with different shades of orange and yellow, or blue and green.

One of the easiest colour schemes to use is the monochromatic colour scheme? “Mono” means one, and with a monochromatic colour scheme you choose a single base colour and then any number of further variations on that base colour. The most obvious colour to use in a monochromatic colour scheme is blue — a dark blue for the furniture, and a lighter blue for the ceiling and walls.

How do I choose a colour scheme?

When deciding on decorating colour schemes, it is important to figure out what you want from the room you are decorating. Once you have decided how you imagine the room, the paint colour combinations should follow. For example, if you are creating a room for private relaxation like a bedroom, keeping this in mind will help you narrow down the colour scheme options – electric pink and lime green will probably be out. Then again, if you’re wanting to create a lively space for entertaining friends, a zappier colour scheme might be just what you need.

Knowing some simple rules about paint colour combinations can help you achieve your desired effect. For example, colours next to each other in the colour wheel tend to create a more mellow effect when placed together, which would be suitable for a bedroom, bathroom, or study.

You can also start from what you already have. Do you have a brightly coloured sofa or a rug with a striking pattern that you intend to use in the room? One easy way of choosing a colour scheme is to start with something in the room that’s already eye-catching and work out from there.

Seek out inspiration online. The sheer amount of information online can sometimes be overwhelming, but on the flipside there’s a huge amount to be learned from what’s available. Using visual sites like Pinterest and Instagram can be a great way to find interior design inspiration. On Instagram you will find profiles dedicated to interior design which are regularly updated, ensuring that your colour scheme is fashionable and not out-of-date. You can also check out celebrity profiles to see how their homes are decorated. If you feel a particular affinity for an actor or actress, maybe their interior design will work for you. Then again, if offline is more your thing, you could also browse interior design magazines at the local supermarket.

Remember you don’t have to reinvent the (colour) wheel. It’s important to remember when decorating your home that there are plenty of tried and tested house painting colour combinations that will still be fashionable 100 years from now. The warm reds and yellows the Romans used to decorate their villas still look good to us in the 21st century, whilst the beiges and browns that were popular in the 70s are only just coming back into fashion. This is because our eyes naturally enjoy the combining of certain colours, and if you’re unsure about the latest colour schemes, it may be better to opt for something classic.

Room colour combination ideas 

If you’re still stuck and need some help, check out our colour combination recommendations below.

Bathroom Installation (Slate & Grey) Evenlode Close, Bicester

Installed completely by BPI’s bathroom fitting team based in Bicester, Oxfordshire, this bathroom installation was part of a full property revamp in a flat in central Bicester.

The existing bathroom was a real mess and made very little use of the space making it a cramped and uncomfortable room. The walls were tiled with a linear multi colour ceramic tile with a light grey grout.

The existing shower and tray were removed along with the electric shower. A new mixer shower was installed over a new bath with a sail bath screen.

The floor was tiled with slate effect ceramic tiles and a mid grey grout. A new graphite vanity unit and mirror cabinet were installed and in contrast, the bath panel was white.

Due to the position of the cast iron shared stack pipe, we built a small tiled box area to hide all the pipework. A new close couple toilet was then installed. The boxing created a handy shelf area.

As well as a repositioning the existing new towel radiator to create more room around the toilet, we also installed a new extractor fan and chrome LED dome light.

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Bathroom Installation (Grey & White) Thames Avenue, Bicester

Installed completely by BPI’s bathroom fitting team based in Bicester, Oxfordshire, this bathroom installation was on a bungalow in the Greenwood Homes estate in Bicester.

The existing bathroom was a disabled wet room and the new owner wanted to remove this and completely modernise the bathroom. The bathroom was completely ripped out and fully plastered including the ceiling in preparation for tiling. The walls were fully tiled with 650 x 250 marble effect white / grey tiles.

The existing electric shower was removed and made safe. A new bath was installed with filler taps as well as a new feed up to a mixer shower to replace the electric shower.

The floor was tiled with slate effect porcelain tiles and a mid grey grout too complement the grey units but also contract the white walls giving a two tone effect to the room.

A new concealed cistern unit and back to wall toilet pan were installed alongside a new basin with vanity unit. A worktop was installed over the top to finish off.

As well as a new towel radiator, we also installed a new in line extractor fan and chrome LED dome light.

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Bathroom Installation (Grey Gloss) Wolvercote, Oxford

Installed completely by BPI’s bathroom fitting team based in Bicester, Oxfordshire, this bathroom renovation was part of a larger project near Wolvercote in Oxford.

The existing bathroom was ageing and in need of replacement. The bathroom was completely ripped out. We then plastered the walls ready for tiles. after installing a new bath, the entire room was tiles floor to ceiling with new tiles. The tiles were 600 x 250 grey stone effect tiles.

The existing electric shower was reinstalled along with a new bath screen and bath panel. We fitted a new basin with pedestal and boxed in the pipework from the bath to the opposite wall to neaten up the room. A new chrome radiator was installed to replace a traditional radiator by BPI’s in house fully qualified plumber.

The floor was finished with wood effect vinyl flooring.

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Full House Decoration & Carpets In Windmill Road, Bicester

This two bedroom house was fully decorated by the Bicester based BPI painting and decorating team. This is a rental property that required a full refurbishment including new carpets and flooring after a long tenancy.

Several rooms needed some wallpaper removed and walls made good. One wall was also fully plastered owing to the poor condition. The walls and ceilings were prepared and fully filled, sanded and caulked and all carpets removed. The ceilings were then finished with Dulux Brilliant White and the walls were finished with Dulux Vinyl Matt Polished Pebble.

All the woodwork was fully prepared and finished with Dulux Satinwood White before brand new carpets were fitted on the stairs and all bedrooms. New vinyl flooring was also fitted in the bathroom.

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Bathroom Installation (Cream / Sand) Linden Road, Bicester

Installed by BPI’s bathroom fitting team based in Bicester, this was both a surprising and challenging bathroom project to work on. Our original brief was that the shower was leaking and that the shower enclosure needed retiling and the floor too.

On stripping out the shower enclosure and taking up the first few floor tiles, a far larger problem was discovered. There had been a serious leak from the toilet and the chipboard floor and timbers under the tiles was almost completely rotten. The plasterboard on the walls lower down was also black with mould on the outer face due to some incorrect works when previously installed.

We stripped this bathroom back to the concrete block and reboarded the entire room. New pipework was run along the concrete floor and we then installed a new chipboard floor. 10mm cement board was installed over the top of this chipboard to form a sturdy, watertight surface for tiling.

A new stud wall was build to accommodate the shower enclosure again and once boarded, we tiled the shower enclosure. The floor was also tiled.

Another stud wall was built and a new concealed cistern was fitted behind with a push button. This was followed by a new back to wall toilet. The existing basin and towel radiator were reinstalled.

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Kitchen Installation (White, Black & Grey) In Blenheim Drive, Bicester

This was a challenging project owning to there timing amidst the Corona Virus outbreak. This was a complete kitchen refit as well as new laminate flooring and decorating in Blenheim Drive, Bicester. Designed with Howdens, the BPI team undertook all the work involved. We managed the project from start to finish including all plumbing and electrical works.

The existing kitchen was removed and disposed off. The new units are the Howdens Greenwich White Gloss range. All the units are fitted with Blum soft close mechanisms. As well as full depth wall corner units, there are two full depth corner base units to enable absolutely all available space for storage. One base corner unit is fitted with pull out baskets. The worktops are 38mm mirror chip black which offer a good contrast to the white units.

A brand new sink with tap and gas hob were installed onto the worktops. The existing oven was re-fitted and the existing free standing dishwasher, washing machine, fridge and freezer were re fitted and connected. A bespoke cupboard was created to hide the gas and electrical meter / boards which can also be used for additional storgage.

We also built a false wall behind the bespoke cupboard to allow wall units to be hung all the way across the wall which allowed an additional 2 x 500mm wide units.

New switches and sockets were fitted throughout with 2 x USB double sockets for charging devices in the kitchen. The flooring was completed with grey oak effect laminate flooring. The room was then painted by our Bicester based painting and decorating team.

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Jake and the team did a great job on our new kitchen. They worked hard in exceptional circumstances to complete a high standard finish. Highly recommended. Thank you Bicester property interiors.

Alan, Bicester
Wooden effect slimline bathroom units

Bathroom Installation & Tiling (Grey Wooden) Bodicote, Banbury

Installed by BPI’s bathroom fitting team and external tiler based in Bicester, this was a great project to work on as we completely transformed an interesting downstairs shower room. This was a challenging bathroom to fit owing to the shape. Whilst it is quite a large room, it is narrow. The narrow shape made it tricker when positioning the toilet and radiator.

The existing suite was removed and the existing surface radiator pipes were chased into the wall so the tiles could cover them. The shower area was re-boarded prior to tiling to help ensure the best watertight surface for tiling.

The shower enclosure was fully tiled and the walls were tiled up to half way with wood effect plank tiles. A light grey grout was chosen as this complemented the finish and does not show dirt as clearly as white.

A brand new concealed cistern toilet and basin over vanity unit were fitted in brown. A slimline worktop was installed across both units. A Burlington mixer shower with drencher were installed with a pivot door shower screen.

The floor was thoroughly prepared using several levelling compounds and then fully tiled. This tiling was also carried into the entrance hallway of the house.