Complete Guide To Planning Your Bathroom

Whether you are looking to update the family bathroom or create a luxurious ensuite, it is important to have a plan in mind.

Choosing the right tradespeople and retailers to help you complete the work can be difficult – there are so many choices! The team at Bicester Property Interiors have been fitting bathrooms in the Bicester, Oxford and Brackley areas for many years, and we have created this handy guide to help you plan the perfect bathroom.

1.    Know What You Need

Your bathroom is a more well-used space than you might have thought – so making sure it fits your needs is important. Knowing exactly how this space will be used will inform all your decisions in creating your perfect bathroom. 

Are you looking to install ‘his-and-her’ sinks, a spa bath or a separate shower? 

Do you need to make space for storage? Towels, toiletries, medical supplies? Having appropriate storage for your essential bathroom items is a good idea, whatever the space will be used for. 

TOP TIP: Consider what use your bathroom will have. Is it a family bathroom or an ensuite? Each will have different requirements.

2.    Consider Available Space

This is a really important step in the planning process. 

You need to know what floorspace you have, and you want to be able to maximise that space to include all the fixtures and storage that you need. To do this, creating a floorplan and representations of your sink, bath, shower and storage will help you visualise how the bathroom will work.

Make sure you consider plumbing in your planning process – inlets and outlets. 

TOP TIP: To make sure you are utilising the space in the most efficient way, it might be a good idea to speak to a bathroom designer – they have expert knowledge and experience that can help you make the most out of your ideas.

3.    Set a Budget

Before you get into choosing your fixtures and fittings, having a good idea of a budget will help you make decisions about what to choose.

Think about not only the cost of the bath, sink and shower, but also costs related to fitting, plumbing and decorating, too.

TOP TIP: Consider using a company that includes all the tradespeople you need and offers a complete service. This will make budgeting much easier as all the work will be included in one price and one place. 

4.    Choose Your Style

You are the imagination behind your perfect bathroom, so this is the step where you can get your ideas to come to life.

Choosing the colour scheme, tiles and flooring for your bathroom is where the magic happens.

Will you want angular, clean lines or softer, more rounded edges? Do you want luxurious marble or lino flooring? Are your tiles going to be mosaic or more plain? Do you want a grand Victorian bathroom, or something more modern?

The opportunities are endless, and you are only bound by your own ideas.

TOP TIP: To get some ideas and spark your own imagination, visit some bathroom showrooms. Seeing the range of designs and fixtures that are available can help you make some decisions.

5.    Choose Your Fitter

Finding the right team to help you create your perfect bathroom is hard – there are so many choices available and you need to be confident that you are getting it right. 

When you are looking for the perfect fitting team, look for personal recommendations and well-regarded local businesses first – like the Bicester Property Interiors team. We fit bathrooms in Bicester, Brackley and surrounding areas, and our services include full design, sourcing of materials and fitting – we can even fit flooring and decorate!

To speak to the team about your perfect bathroom, call us today on 01869 254 005.

Complete Guide To Planning Your Kitchen

When it comes to creating your dream kitchen, it can be difficult to make the right choices about who to use, where to go and how to make it exactly what you need.

Here at Bicester Property Interiors, we design, create and fit kitchens in the Bicester, Oxford and Brackley area and we have created this handy guide to give you all the information to plan your perfect kitchen installation.

1.    Know What You Need

This might seem obvious, but it is important to know what you want your kitchen to be. For many people, the kitchen is not merely a place to make food, it is also a social space and the heart of the home.

If you are completely remodelling the space, you want to know exactly what appliances you need to provide room for. Are you going to have a big American-style fridge freezer? Do you need to have room for a washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher?

Think about storage too – in many kitchens, storage is one of the main considerations, so understanding what you need to store will make this decision easier. There are some ingenious ways to increase the storage space in cupboards and drawers, so if space is at a premium you might want to look into something like this.

Do you want to create space for an island? Often used as a breakfast bar or for extra preparation space, an island is a great feature in a kitchen – if you have enough room. 

Underfloor heating can be a good option – space saving and great for comfort.

TOP TIP: Declutter before you start thinking about what you need room for. You don’t want to plan your space around that juicer that doesn’t get used, or pots and pans that are past their best. 

2.    Consider Available Space

This can be as simple as creating a floorplan and moving around shapes that represent the appliances and storage that you want to include.

However, it can get complicated if you are looking to completely change the layout of your kitchen – you need to think about where the plumbing and electrical points are in the room, as moving these around requires skilled tradesman. 

If your kitchen is smaller than you would like, then investigate ‘slimline’ appliances to maximise space and ensure that you have enough storage.

TOP TIP: If you want to make the most of your space, it might be worth speaking to a dedicated kitchen designer – they will have the knowledge and experience to maximise your room.

3.    Set a Budget

Before you decide what fridge you want, or even what your cupboards are going to look like, setting a budget is imperative. Have a look at what is available in kitchen showrooms to understand how much things might cost and give yourself some wiggle room to cover any unexpected expenses.

TOP TIP: Think about hiring a kitchen fitting company that can provide all the tradespeople that you need for the whole process. This makes budgeting easier as quotes will include all aspects – from the parts to fitting and everything in between.

4.    Choose Your Style

This is where you can let your imagination take the lead. What do you see when you imagine your perfect kitchen? What colours will you use, what splashback material? Will it be ultra-modern and sleek, with stainless steel and glossy black, or will it be a traditional Victorian kitchen? 

TOP TIP: Go and visit kitchen showrooms to get some ideas. Looking at how companies style their products can give you inspiration and show you some clever ways to incorporate your personal style into your kitchen.

5.    Choose Your Fitter

When you are looking for a company to complete your kitchen installation, it makes the most sense to use a well-known, highly recommended service. 

Bicester Property Interiors fit kitchens in Bicester, Brackley, Oxford and surrounding areas. We are a local company that works closely with kitchen design services, local retailers and our own range of skilled plumbers, electricians and carpenters – enabling you to get every part of the process completed with a team that are dedicated, local experts.

To speak to the team about your perfect kitchen, call us today on 01869 254 005.